21st Century altars!

As I have conversations with people on facebook and in real life, I am not sure why it still amazes me how many people are still building altars. In the Old Testament, many people built altars, and when God gave the Jews the laws, He also gave them plans to build a beautiful temple which included…yes, you guessed it..an altar! Some were made of rocks, some bronze, and some are not explained; but they were a visual meeting place to remember God for some, a place to worship Him; a special place that God spoke to someone, or whatever the case; and that was cool. One thing about when it happened was that most every time it was random with the exception of the altar for the temple. But even that was random for a time when they were in the desert.

It got me to thinking about after the cross, and I still have yet to find a place in the lives of the New Covenant believers where they built an altar. It just does not seem to be in there. Then I realized there are altars in New Covenant believers, and they are in the very place they should never be…the church gathering! Some like to term them institutional church, or church businesses, nevertheless they are church gatherings.

Now as I was asking my Father why this was, He started tying it together with the desert that the children of Israel wandered in for 40 years. These folks were taken through the Red Sea, (boy would that have been something to see), watched Pharaoh’s entire army drown behind them, partook of the manna God gave them every day for food, their sandals never wore out, miracle after miracle God showed them, and yet they would not go into the promised land and put that altar to rest. And a good majority of them never found rest. It is quite sad really.

It seems to me that having been given such an incredible record of what not to do through the lives of the children of Israel, we would get a clue and walk by faith which is what God really wanted them to do. You know, kinda like their father Abraham. I do hear the saints talking about the stories of the Old Testament being a shadow of better things to come, (which came by the way), but I have been praying earnestly for boldness to speak point blank about it. I mean, if we want to study the bible, that’s awesome! I absolutely love studying it. Especially since my eyes have been opened to the shadow because now I am looking for those shadows! But so that I do not get too far off course, even the altars they were building were part of the shadow of the ultimate altar that would be built for the entire world!

I am talking of course about the cross! That was the most spectacular altar that could have ever been built, for upon that altar, God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself. That was and should be the very last altar ever built! It was THEE altar we all were waiting for, and oh how thankful this saint is for it!

So I have to ask the question: Why is it that we have incorporated, or added I should say to that continuing to build more altars? Is there any instructions to do such a thing in this bible we so very highly esteem? Hey, I am all for correction if someone has seen it in their, instructions to build new altars so the saints can keep going to them to get forgiveness! After I was born again from above, I did not once feel the need to go to any altar to get forgiven; my new spirit already knew that I was, and ooohhh the joy of it. To be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t even ask for forgiveness that day, but I got it when I cried out Lord! Sad to say, it was not until I went into a church building that I was taught, (or brainwashed to put it bluntly), to go up to the altar to get my sins forgiven. I’ll tell you what; I must have went to that thing 30 times! Possibly more over the 7 years I had been saved. It was not until I came out of that thing, and realized Jesus had taken care of all of my sin, and gave me holiness, purity, spotlessness, and best of all a love greater than one can ever imagine, that I realized, there is absolutely no need for an altar anymore. I knew it for a brief time when I first got saved, but then the guilt and shame of sin consciousness came and I was in bondage again to fear.

Saints, it is high time we throw away those false altars, and let Him give us abundant life in love and freedom. There are no more altars! The last altar that was necessary has come and gone, now we have something new! It is called a throne of grace. And that throne my precious brothers and sisters is inside of you! Now that is amazing!

 ‘Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.’


Be blessed brothers and sisters…Lisa

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I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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3 Responses to 21st Century altars!

  1. Don says:

    Say yes every day to Hebrews 4:16 !


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