It just keeps getting clearer!

When I sit and listen to pastors in organized religion, (not all mind you), I get such a mood of confusion, frustration, and sometimes outright indignant. I think back about how I used to hang on their every word, mesmerized and longing to be so learned in the bible so as to speak like that, and many people being of the same state of mind I felt over the things I was saying.

I have not been a part of organized religion for about two years now, and I must say that my life has changed quite dramatically as far as my relationship with my Father. It has been a journey of fighting with Him because of my flesh trying to bring me back into subjection to works righteousness; just to have the fight end with your right Poppa, You love me no matter what! Thank you!

Now that I have escaped all the noise, sermons about obligation and my responsibility for the salvation of the entire planet, (btw, before I was saved only my blood was on my hands, but then the whole worlds blood was placed on them..oh brother!), He has opened up a relationship with me I never dreamed possible. And no it’s not because I am now able to read my bible for hours on end, or pray in my closet on my knees in humble subservience to God like I am supposed to. It is because His spirit of love that He poured out into my heart has drawn me to a place of intimacy with Him, and shown me that He actually lives inside me. He ministers to the new spirit He gave me, and it is amazing how much clearer I can hear Him, and how much freer I am today to just live and watch His smoke in my life. I understand that there is a lot more for Him to show me, but one of the things I am most grateful for is that I am not under the bondage of sin sniffing myself anymore thanks to the fact that my Jesus took away not only mine, but the sins of the whole world when He went and hung up on that cross! So I am no longer a slave to wickedness, but a slave to righteousness. Mine, heavens no! But His! That is what He made me, along with holy, blameless, and without accusation in the Father’s sight, and together we hang out in the throne room basking in the Father’s love.

It is from that platform that the gospel is seen in me, and the words that come from my mouth are His speaking to that soul that needs to hear what He wants them to hear; and I can trust that for the most part it will be founded in their deep spiritual need which is love and reconciliation unto life, which is what He rose from the dead to give us. The only time I know my words will be harsh is when someone tries to put me or someone I am around under law, than that Jesus that put together a whip may come out, and get ready for some reproof, rebuke, correction and instruction in righteousness. Jesus wants us to be perfect in our understanding of what it is He gave us, not our outside behavior. Otherwise He would have changed us into our new glorified bodies 2000 years ago. Discovering this amazing gift can be difficult these days, especially with all the yelling from the pulpit to be good, act right, do right, conform yourself; however, it can be done outside of all that noise.

Am I saying everyone should come out of organized religion, by no means! Like I said, there are some teachers that are not placing saints under law, but teaching the New Covenant God made with Himself to reconcile the entire planet. In other words, they are preaching life to the dead. If there is an organization that is teaching from that angle, by all means support it! You are only responsible for your own relationship saints, and should we get to be the very vessel Jesus uses to bring that much needed life to a soul, well praise and glory be all to Him. In the meantime, take a rest and get to know that One who longs for you to get to know Him who’s love surpasses all understanding.

A few thoughts this morning…

Peace and grace…Lisa

Sometimes we're green, and eventually we grow mature...either way God is who brings about the growth!

Sometimes we’re green, and eventually we grow mature…either way God is who brings about the growth!


About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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6 Responses to It just keeps getting clearer!

  1. Deborah Ford says:

    Lisa have you heard of some preaching more about our sin than our living the life of Christ through us? Our new identity, the new creations that we are? How do you deal with this?


    • That is what I am getting at sis. If they are preaching to our flesh, ie sin sniffing, rather than preaching to our new spirit, it is time to go. I was not comfortable with it at first, but now I see how beneficial it has been to discover my new identity and be aware of my new heart which is where my Savior lives and communicates to me. We are the church or ekklesia is the actual word, so I do not need to go to a building. I would like to gather with saints, but not by compromising and bringing folks under the ministry of death. Does that make sense?


  2. Andre van der Merwe says:

    Awesome post! Such woooonnnderrrrfulllll freedom!!!!


  3. Charlene says:

    I love this.. life as the new creation, just Christ in us, His spirit in us, bellies of living water.. new eyes that see, ears that hear, mind of Christ, new heart of flesh, and an ordained path before us.. never something that was meant to be preached AT flesh, soo they do in churches, amen.. but when God commands, it is sent into the heart of the new creation, and He fulfills it there in us. He brings it forth in us. From beginning to end, its all Him.. we just stand in awe and bask in the goodness of the Lord. Loving hearing about someone else who has received this same Spirit also, 🙂


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