Sometimes I gotta just say, ‘Shut up!’

How many of you have just been so overwhelmed with this life, you just feel like saying, ‘Screw it! Lord just take me out!’ If you do a search about suicide rates these days, many people aren’t even asking Him to do it, they are doing it themselves! That should be a huge red flag for anyone that is paying attention that something is going on globally.

It is very easy for people who just so happen to not be going through any bumpy roads to nonchalantly tell someone, ‘Oh just turn it over to God!’, or ‘Just pray!’, or my favorite, ‘You should not be going through that cause Jesus healed everything!’ Whilst all this could be sound advice, I must emphatically at times say shut up! These responses, at least I am discovering this in my own life when I look at it in reality, is just a religious way of saying I don’t want to hear anything more, then I might get sucked into it, or I may have to spend more time praying with you or crying with you, or whatever! Being a person who is always trying to fix things with quick words or actions, (dumb words or actions sometimes at that), I fully understand how it feels to be helpless in those situations.

Poppa is taking me through yet another growing spurt, and it is right in the middle of some struggles I am going through. He likes to teach me things at these times because it is then that I do not easily forget them. And although some of my struggles are self-inflicted, He is not prompting me to practice more of this or that, (you know all that preaching to the flesh that goes on when you do something dumb; or at least I hope you do! If not let’s talk), He is speaking to the new me on the inside. Many folks will say that He doesn’t hang out in times of doing dumb things, but I have to disagree. When I am in the middle of doing something stupid, His voice gets louder. Yet it is not a harsh or angry voice yelling at me  to knock it off or else! No it is a merciful voice saying, ‘Please child! That is not who you are. I know it is hard, but I am right here with you!’

Many hardcore bible worshipers would call me a blasphemer or deceived, and start rebuking me, telling me to repent and turn around; possibly even ask me if I am saved! My only reply would be, ‘Shut up!’ I have a relationship with Jesus who has taken up residence in my heart, and I can say with 100% certainty that He never, ever does leave me nor forsake me, regardless of what I am DOING!

This is the reality that snaps me out of it! Not a bunch of commandments or words written in a book! It is love and mercy. The unfathomable compassion of a living God who is a proud Poppa of this child.

So what the biggest lesson I am learning is that we are going to suffer, (sometimes self-inflicted, sometimes not!), but the one thing I can count on is that He is still on His throne, and that throne is my heart! So now I get to shut up, or learn how to shut up…lol…and listen to Him tell me things that are lovely, noble, pure, true, etc, and in that I learn how to listen to others and let them see His love for them in me and through me.

We just don’t know what people are going through on the inside, and with so many trying to keep the masks on because it is not politically correct in God’s kingdom to not be FINE, (I hate that word btw), it is high time us who call ourselves saints to wake up to seeing people how our Lord sees them.

Even though these experiences can be tough, it brings about a fresh new take on how I see people. As I shut up, and listen for the spirit to tell me what to do or say, things happen that I have no control over. Just like my garden, I only get to sow the seeds, water or feed them, God does all the growing. Let’s get real with each other, good bad or ugly! That is how He deals with us…right?

Blessings…just gotta be me!Flowering plants 005


About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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6 Responses to Sometimes I gotta just say, ‘Shut up!’

  1. jimpuntney says:

    wizdum here, and lots of it, thanks for sharing a topic that is all to important to dismiss


  2. It is unfortunate when someone takes their own life. I believe many people are carrying stuff from childhood to adulthood that is causing despair. I believe as a society, we all need love and just don’t know how to surrender to God, through His Son, Jesus. I believe that until we surrender every aspect of our life over to God and let the Holy Spirit led us, despair will continue. When we are spirit led, the love that radiants off us draws hurting people over to inquiry about the God we serve. Let us pray that God opens eyes and ears to choose life, as he leads that person to a strong child of God to help. Thank you for the opportunity to share my comments. God bless you!


  3. Melita Gee says:

    I had a friend (former) attempt suicide and I had no idea how to respond to that so I said nothing (also having drama happening in my own world at the time). In reality I thought she was an idiot but was not going to be insensitive by telling her, yet on the flip side I could not bring myself to comfort her either. I left my inane response too late and she got angry with me and unfriended me. I did apologize but she judged me anyway. Maybe I should have just given her the piece of my mind I wanted to. Oh well.


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