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Are you reconciled?

Definition of reconcile from Free  – 1. To reestablish a close relationship between. 2. To settle or resolve. 3. To bring (oneself) to accept: He finally reconciled himself to the change in management. 4. To make compatible or consistent: … Continue reading

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Announcing….Jesus Christ…Coming to a heart near you!

Coming soon…the New IPhone 6! Plastered between every television show, and on big signs outside of every store that carries phones; we are made aware that something new and better is coming. Touching on all the new features such as … Continue reading

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Romans 8 – How beautiful are the feet….

Webster’s dictionary – Condemn: to pass an adverse judgment on; disapprove of strongly; to prove a person guilty of wrongdoing, declare to be guilty, convict; to declare incurable. This is the perfect beginning for this chapter, especially after the previous … Continue reading

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