You want me to use the dog Lord?

I have this precious little dog, and her name is Noodle. It is a long story about how she got her name, but that is neither here nor their. As I was meditating on how to start the journey of revealing the shadow of God’s plan, I heard Poppa say as I looked at this precious gift of mine, “Use the dog!” So that is what I will do; part of the shadow being God’s incredible love for humanity!

Some of the things I have learned about my Father have been through my dog. She is the epitome of love, and is a teacher in all the nonsensical definitions of the word. Through our almost thirteen years together, I have been taught that no matter what I do, this little bundle of love is absolutely crazy about me and my husband. She sits right by the door at night because she knows it is almost time for me to come home, and then her little family is complete. She runs around for the first five minutes I am home in complete bliss, then lays perfectly contented by our sides when we sit down to relax.

I really get a kick out of how blissful she gets after I hold her on my chest, hug and kiss her for a few minutes. She does this really funny thing where she bounces around looking like a bucking bronco. It is hilarious; I may have to film it one of these days…lol What amazes me the most is how happy it makes me! It makes me laugh, and even after seeing it for so many years, I still get so much joy from it.

After writing all this I realize now why it is that Poppa wanted me to use the dog. He tingled my heart with our relationship; and how many times, when I get that special moment with Him, it makes me feel so happy. Last night I had one of those during the most off the wall times. It was a teaching moment, and I was so filled with joy by His touch, and voice speaking to me, that I felt as though I were glowing. I was simply watering the oleanders, and in the middle of it, after getting aggravated because all the water I was giving them ended up running down in the street; ‘He said make it rain on them!’ So I started in the middle of the bushes, but it still kept running. He said, ‘No child, make it rain, you know like I do!’ So I did it! What I discovered in this little encounter was that when I sprayed them like rain, the earth had more time to soak in the water rather than running off the surface. It almost seemed like the plants were saying thank you as well..:-) When I was growing our garden I read where people said don’t overhead water because of this reason or that, but what my Father showed me was that He knows best and when I listen to Him, I get a joy like my puppy Noodle. After that I was playing around in the puddles of water, and just felt different after that. Some of His fruit in my spirit if I could put a finger on it.

With so much noise and distraction, work, struggles in life going on for all of us these days, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for those little encounters I have with the Lord of the universe; even if it is just for a moment. Please share with me some of your little encounters. They bless my soul too!

Just gotta be me…LisaImage


About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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