What if?

What if the way you have viewed God all this time has been wrong? Oh brother; here comes another opinionated person to try and tell me how to believe in God! Ears shut, eyes closed! You are right; it is my opinion in the form of a big picture.

Imagine for a moment, your wife tells you she is pregnant. Oh, the joy you feel! The excitement and anticipation is killing you! You are already picking out names, and it seems that everywhere you go baby stuff is on every corner. You can hardly wait to see that child born!

Then, out of nowhere, some strange people come and start harassing your wife. They make threatening phone calls; show up at your house at all hours of the night speaking terrifying things they want to do to her. What would you do? You call the cops, but when they come, the people who are doing these things are nowhere to be found. Not to mention it is different people every time it happens.

Then comes the most unimaginable day ever! They break into your house while you and your wife are in bed, and they have knives and guns, and are telling you they are going to kill your wife and her baby. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

It may be hard and scary to imagine, but that is exactly what happened to our Father in heaven! The day that Adam sinned, God told them that there would be enmity between her seed and that started the ball rolling. Rather than looking at the bible as an instruction manual, I challenge you to try and see it as a love story of a father protecting the most important child to ever be born of a woman, and that child was Jesus.

How many times have you been reading the bible, then ugh, you come across all those begats? I, quite frankly, would skip over them, and go on to the story part, looking at the people in the stories and how dumb they were; or how brave they were; how much faith they had; and had my opinion about how much better I could do; or wanted to be like them. In other words, my focus would be on them; and whereas that is not necessarily a bad thing, (except for the comparison part…lol), it is nonetheless a wrong focus.

Keeping with the point of this story, He has switched my focus onto Him! I say that because when I hit those hard parts of the bible where He appears to be that angry smiting God, it becomes difficult to see Him as a God of love; which is what He is. Not every story is about Him protecting that child, but for the most part it is. A few in the lineage of that child adds so much character to the stories, that how can our Jesus not be the most approachable person we can ever meet. But that is a whole other story for another time.

Learning about our Father and His plan of redemption laid out in the Old Testament will be a lifetime journey; but it never begins if our initial introduction is somewhat skewed or distorted. And just as Jesus used picture stories to try and get the people to understand truth about what was taking place, and even took place, it is my endeavor to do the same. After all, I do have His spirit living inside me; so why wouldn’t He lead me to do that?

It is high time we stop focusing on sin, sin, sin, and start focusing on a loving Father that has 7 billion children He loves and wants to get to know! Sin has been dealt with through that precious child, and reconciliation and love is here! Let’s be those sufficient ministers of reconciliation and the New Covenant He has made us, instead of the sin-sniffers and behavior police we are being! All I can say is, He who has ears to hear let him hear, and eyes to see, let them see!

Just gotta be me….Lisa



About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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2 Responses to What if?

  1. Andre van der Merwe says:


    Sin has been for ever dealt with, even before the foundation of the world!!



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