We walk by faith, not by sight!

What really happened at the cross? There are so many interpretations that it is no wonder a soul can’t figure it out. My journey outside the four walls of religion has me on the adventure of asking Poppa what really did happen. One thing I know for sure is that Jesus did not die to appease a God that was so disgusted with humanity, that unless SOMEONE died, we could never have a living, breathing, love infested relationship with Him. After all, who really did kill Jesus? Men did!

It seems nowadays that many who are bold enough of spirit to step outside the bounds of religion are on an incredible journey of re-discovering the cross, and what a true relationship with a God of love is all about. It can be quite overwhelming at times, however, I personally find it once again exciting. To discover a Father I never had who is madly in love with me, is something I realize I have desired my entire life! His tenderness is also that of a mother to me; which is something I am not too accustomed I am sad to admit. Being free to understand that He is not taken by surprise by things that I do, or things that I think for that matter, is one of the most amazing life experiences one can encounter.

So many people living with guilt and shame over their decisions in life has caused the pharmaceutical companies profit to skyrocket, (and I am not saying some do not have actual chemical imbalances), but why? Could it be from all those misinterpretations of what happened at the cross and who our Father is, as it seems they have been separated into a good cop, bad cop scenario?

The bible tells us that God the Father was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Now here comes the reason for the title. The Jews had a system which we now know was a shadow of what was coming; but it was used as a means for them to have a couple of things they desperately needed. 1. They had an ark that represented God to them, and as long as they had that thing, they believed God was near. 2. The sacrificial system helped them with their guilt even if it was but for a moment. A couple of conclusions can be drawn from these two things if we are honest. God didn’t choose Israel because they were special, but through them a very important picture was painted about man. If we look closely we can see a desire to be near God, the one true God; and a desire, or need would be a better term, to have our guilt eradicated in some way, shape or form. Our Father understands that and is so compassionate towards us about it, that that is the reason for the cross. The reason it happened where it did is because as I pointed out earlier, it was a real life sacrifice that the Jews saw, and praise God understood after Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father. When He sent His spirit out on all flesh into the world, that is when faith came. Now we know that there are many saints of old who were already walking by faith, so what is it I am saying? Faith is not new or strange; but to some it is.

I challenge you to look beyond what is the traditional teachings by men, as the Jews had to do in there days; step out of your comfort zone and ask Poppa for yourselves! Father why did you REALLY institute that bloody sacrificial thing those people thought eased their guilty conscience? Why were they so incredibly afraid of you that they didn’t want you to speak directly to them, but rather listen to Moses? Do you think God was really mad at them for that, or was it because of His mercy and compassion that He kept them in some sort of relationship with Him until the cross?

As I said in the beginning, the cross has been so misinterpreted, would it stand to reason that our Father has been too? It is by the leading of the spirit which compels me, and the lack of true love I see in the saints that I bring these challenges; for we cannot put on something we either don’t have or understand; and that being the most important thing which is love…His love FOR US!

I truly believe that Hebrews 11:6 should be read like this: He is pleased when we have faith in Him because we see Him as Father, and He wraps us up in His loving arms and guides us and leads us by THAT love! Talk about a reward for seeking Him. It is that reward of love, free from guilt and shame that will compel us to see humanity as He sees it; not loving in hypocrisy; walking by faith, not by sight; regarding no one according to the flesh as the spirit of life in Christ teaches us.

Father, we are only a couple of saints that can simply attempt to speak life to those who are realizing their has got to be more to this walk with you then just a bunch of rituals. We pray that your children dig deeper into seeking out who You are, that they may see what really happened in that glorious event. May the only reward we seek is knowing You and the love you have always had for mankind period! Thank you for pouring out your spirit in our hearts by which we cry out Daddy, Father! Amen!

Living in His love….Lisa

The whole earth is full of His glory!

The whole earth is full of His glory!


About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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2 Responses to We walk by faith, not by sight!

  1. Pam says:

    Beautiful Lisa my sister! Our God loves us so much, He would do anything for us, to stay in relationship with Him. For that is what He desires, He is Love and desires real relationship with each and every one of us.


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