What kind of God do you know?

Because the Law of Moses has been carried over post New Covenant, many saints are having trouble seeing God as He is. If you read about the children of Israel’s response to God at Mt. Sinai when giving those commandments, you will see many saints still living in that same demeanor; if they are honest that is! Oh sure, bring in a few, (quite a few actually), skilled and intellectualized teachers who know just enough of Jesus and what happened that day to be dangerous; and the little saint may have some of that dictatorial God lifted from them. Never mind when the Old Testament is read, the full weight of that dictatorship rears its ugly head again in language that seems to appear ‘My way or the highway’ in nature; however, in a sense that is true. Not in the traditional turn or burn fashion, but in an ‘I know what is best for you’ urging, from a God who is love, mercy, compassion, lovingkindness, etc. 

So many people cannot reconcile with a God of love because He is not exemplified in this manner! We have been given the ministry of reconciliation in the New Covenant, but what does that mean? Does our Father still want us to be terrified of Him when our brother John told us via the Holy Spirit and experience that there is no fear in love? It just doesn’t make sense!

An endless barrage of contradictions is all the world hears; along with ridiculous debates amongst those proclaiming to know this God we want everyone to see. It is way past the time that we stop with the traditions of men, (and that is what they are!), and enter into the New Covenant and fulfill our ministry of reconciliation! If you don’t know what that means, then try shutting up for a while, long enough to find out so we can be HIS workmanship instead of some other mans. Don’t you think He would love to show you His wisdom and grace; love and compassion unlike anything you have ever known?

Then you and I can stop operating with our emotions and need to ‘be somebody’, and let Him increase as we decrease. Then maybe, just maybe, we can stop fighting and arguing, and start loving as He loved us. After all, we can’t do it without Him!

Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, NEITHER CAN YOU, unless you abide in Me. ~ John 15:4

Blessings saints…..Lisa

No pecking orders, only love and grace!

No pecking orders, only love and grace!


About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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6 Responses to What kind of God do you know?

  1. jimpuntney says:

    This ministry of reconciliation is so deeply beautiful and so deeply true. Thank you Lisa for your ministry of Love


  2. I love to see a woman of God but, a husband and wife working together to serve the Lord is priceless. Thank you for sharing the Gospel.


    • Well blessings to you too sis…:-)


      • g says:

        i really enjoy ur posts…dont always have time to comment tho…but i had to share this wit u…

        th Lord told me that th woman that is to be silent in th assembly is th bride of Christ (both male and female, not merely gender women, are th bride of Christ) and she is to hear from her husband (Christ is revealed IN her by the indwelling Spirit of God)…to sit at His feet, not at the feet of every male as its always been taught…Jesus Christ is th husband of one woman…He is th ONLY husband of one woman…everyone else has to be removed from the kingdom of darkness and brought into His marvelous light in th new birth by th Spirit of God…

        and we all (male and female as the Bride of Christ) are poured out like ointment on His feet…we speak as the Spirit gives us utterance…meaning He speaks …we are His body…we are like the vessels at cana pouring out the best that was saved to last bc He is th first and the last…th Water became wine as it was poured out…th Word became flesh, the new creation which is His Bride, His son, His Body…we are His orderly arrangement, His kosmos…

        it grieves me, really, when i hear adamic marriage exalted as the standard of God and as what God intends; and see it used to batter (women especially), into a false submission or to batter men into being our provider…its not Truth, its false doctrine that has separated women from men in th body of Christ when He alone says there is neither male nor female bc we are one…we (male and female) are His Bride (female) and sons of God (male)…and so we are no longer identified as adamic so and so but we are His…that is our only identity…

        th only marriage God ever spoke of from th beginning isthemarriage of th lamb….adamic marriage is not and never has been our high calling…u can find king david’s marriage to bathsheba not even acknowledged as marriage, as she is always called bathsheba, the wife of uriah th hitite…yet even so, th Lord chose solomon…u see? what we do is of no consequence once we are in Christ bc we cant do anyting apart from Him…God dont have grandkids…His are always born of th Spirit and remain in Him and we live and move and have our being in Him, we belong to Him…the sons of adam have children to tryna please God, but th sons of God are born of th Spirit of God and have no other Father…

        i know im off topic here, pls forgive…i just wanna share from the revelation of th Lord, that we are His bride, that we sit at His feet, that it is He who speaks and not us and it is He who leads and not us…we are silent bc we are filled wit His Spirit (not i who lives, but Christ lives in me) and its not somuch tht we speak by th Spirit, but tht th Spirit speaks and we are silent as He is poured outta these earthen vessels lik3 ointment…in this way only is th body fed by our True Shepherd, led by our chief apostle, etc…bc its all of Him and none of us…

        the Gift of God is Christ…the fruit of the Spirit is Christ…and when th Bride of Christ is poured out by her Husband, to proclaim Her Lord and God and King, there is no other husband & wife team to be desired…

        so enjoy your posts and even tho i dont often have time to say so, i am grateful to know u sis…its not many of us gathered close in th earth but we are all gathered together and fitly joined in Him…be bless…


      • Wow sis that was amazing stuff…Grateful to gathered together with you too…<3


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