Dancing candle-Light!

So I was laying in bed last night, going through some difficult moments I care not to get into right now, when all of a sudden I distinctly noticed the lit candle light on the dresser. As I watched the small but bright light dance around from the breeze of the fan, I was almost in a trance with it’s brilliance in the dark. It would sometimes thrash around violently as though it were going to be blown out; and just as quickly, it would stand straight up still and bright. It would sway gently back and forth, only to once again reach it’s tall strong and bright stance for a moment.

As I gazed at this in my trance like state, His voice came to me so soft yet crystal clear; ‘I am the Light of the world child, and as you see me in that light, you will see many things. See how the light of the candle dances around the wick, dipping and dodging, violently and then gently. These are how things in your life go, don’t they? And even though you do not know how that little wick stays lit, it is the fire that knows, and is attached to it. The wick has nothing to do but rest in the fire, regardless of the fires activities. There will be occasions where the wick and the fire will be in harmony as in the standing tall and firm flame, but the fire is the one making all the moves.  In other words, just let Me lead this dance. You just keep your eyes on the light!’

I know this was a very intimate rondevu between me and Jesus, but it was just so amazing I wanted to share. I am not sure if I caught the true beauty and comfort in it, but I pray I did. What I understand is that no matter how hard the flame wrapped around me gets blown or not, trying to get me to take my eyes off the light, when it stands straight and tall I get a moment to rest in that brilliant and clear dance of the candle-Light!

Peace out…..Lisa


Come dance with Me!!!!


About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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4 Responses to Dancing candle-Light!

  1. Kat Huff says:

    This is absolutely stunning!


  2. g says:

    love how th Lord captures our attention no matter wat we lookin at…and how He can use just anythin to illustrate somethin to us…..

    loved this post…


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