I dare you to move!

He gave us all things to enjoy!

He gave us all things to enjoy!

An almost overwhelming sense of sadness comes over me when I look at what has happened to the relationship between man and his Maker. There are I would imagine millions of us who are caught up, or have been caught up in the angry-has-to-punish-sin view of God that it is no wonder many seem to be turning away from Him.

We are told Jesus is God, and yet Jesus never hurt a fly! Many religious denominations have been created as a result of this misunderstanding, and many children have just said, “To heck with it! I am just gonna do what I gotta do. I get plenty of crap here on this planet, I surely don’t need any more from a god who is ‘supposed’ to love me!”

Now I do not have any high expectations out of this blog; but Poppa told me to write it, so I am; and I dare you to move!

I dare you to move towards this God who is love! Jesus did reveal the Father, and He is love. Some may need to go out into the Arabian desert to find this out; but one thing I can assure you is that Jesus is the exact representation of the Father; and it is my prayer that many saints hurry up and get tired of being afraid of our Father and be perfected in love. It will cast out that fear; opening eyes and hearts to who your Father is and what He is really like.

It may help going back to the garden, asking Him to help you put aside all the gobbledy gook you have been taught, and take a new fresh look at it through the eyes of Christ! What is it that really happened there? What WAS God’s response? Questions, questions, questions….It is ok to ask questions! I dare you to move!

Peace out….Lisa

P.S. For some enlightening and encouraging thoughts, please read my husbands blog, “Seeing God as He is!” at:



About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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