There is only one High Priest…and He don’t NEED your money!

See the flowers of the field! Not even Solomon in all of his splendor was dressed like these. He cares for YOU!!!

See the flowers of the field! Not even Solomon in all of his splendor was dressed like these. He cares for YOU!!!

After a very enlightening conversation with another saint over the issue of tithing; I could not contain the overwhelming urge to write. The conversation started out pleasant and bearable whereas she was telling me about how proud she was that her son, who has been a pastor or something since he was young by the way, got to speak to a crowd of around 20 or 25,000 people at a conference they attended. I was still ok, mentioning how nervous he must have been cause I know I would have been. She said he was, but he made it through. Now this sister and I have had brief discussions about the Lord, faith, etc., and I do mean brief; however at this point in time, after what she told me about the speech her son gave, I had to tell her to never speak to me about her church again. Before you get your feathers in a ruffle, let me explain.

As I said, the talk was going good and then she shared one story about his articulation to the audience that made my hair stand on end; kinda like a cat when it is about to get in a fight. Her demeanor was very pious and glowing; no doubt it was a shining moment for the life of a mother. She told me that her son shared that when he was first in the ministry, and things in life were a bit tight, (monetarily speaking), that he had to make one of the hardest decisions in his life! Now hold on to your seats, and try not to get as undignified as I did ok! He had to decide between tithing and buying food!

Now I don’t know about you, but while I was listening to how proud she was that he was faithful and tithed first, my nostrils flared with each word she spoke. Then when they could flare no more, I told her straight out, “I cannot believe that your church teaches that our Father would ever have you struggle making a decision like that! That is absolutely ridiculous and absurd! That is old covenant, old testament and downright crookery. It truly is not the people robbing God, but the people who are saying it! Step into the New Covenant sister and be free!” There were many more things said, but I ended with telling her that I never want her to talk to me about her religion again because it does not even know God!

Can you imagine having your son tell you, “Gee mom, I am really struggling financially right now, but I know I need to tithe or God won’t bless me. Not to mention, I am supposed to be faithful!” What would YOU say? I have been a victim to this false teaching, living absolutely terrified that if I did not give, God was gonna get it out of me one way or another! Hogwash! God ain’t broke and He would never, ever require us to choose between giving to a building, (or should I say a pastor’s exorbitant salary), and buying food for living. He has already given us every spiritual blessing in Christ, not to mention there is no biblical basis of truth either in the bible, (with the exception of the support for the priests and the upkeep of the temple that was burned down in 70 A.D. i.e. Old Covenant), or in the spirit. There are comments about cheerful giving, but again what is he referring to? He is talking about helping those in need. Brother Paul worked while he was out on missionary trips so as not to be a burden to anyone so that the gospel would not be hindered.

In conclusion, I beg you to take a look around you! How many of your friends are in foreclosure, or are filing for bankruptcy? Most people, myself included at times are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt, yet as I did a super dumb thing and peeked at the church channels on TV; I stumbled across a horrific man pimping his wares! This so called Dr. Pastor had the unmitigated audacity to be running a scam so heinous that I wanted to call in and literally tell them off in a not so nice way. He was pimping a prayer shawl like the ones the Jews wore in Israel, along with a bottle of supposed holy anointing oil. This is the part that got me, and I shudder every time I recall it! He said, ‘Get out that credit card right now and send your seed of $110.00 so you can get these holy items ASAP!’ The impostor claimed he prayed over it, like it was supposed to be even more holy, and I seriously almost vomited when I heard that.

Saints, I have said it before and I will say it again: Our heads are not hat racks!  Our Father gave us a brain to use and think with, not to mention read, write, ask questions; even to Him! Please stop propagating the lies of these so-called preachers and teachers who are living it up at our expense! There is no partiality with Father which is what they will try to run on an unsuspecting victim by telling them they are super blessed for all their hard work they do for God. It is preposterous and downright criminal! If we want to pray for something, along with our needs of course, let us pray for boldness to speak truth to these people who obviously need to meet the real Jesus!

Whew! I am glad I got that off of my chest, and let ya’ll know where I stand! There is no biblical proof text in the New Covenant to back up anyone’s claims to justify expensive buildings and ridiculous salaries! They gotta do a whole lot of twisting to try to prove it, however, Poppa is waking up His body from the poisonous sleeping spell it has been under for quite some time. Yay Poppa!

Any question???

Peace out….Lisa


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I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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