You can learn a lot from a garden!

One waters and one plants, but God make it grow!

One waters and one plants, but God make it grow!

Oh man it feels so strange to have de-activated my facebook account in order to spend time with Poppa and my hubby. My hubby is still a bit under the weather so it’s mostly me and Poppa, and I cannot believe how I have missed Him. Amidst all the noise and business of life it can get quite difficult to hear Him, but regardless of what some people say about actually hearing His voice audibly, I do.

He has been reminding me of His crazy love for me and how happy He is over the decision I have made to shut off some of the distraction. See, my husband and I have spent a lot of time at our house because we no longer attend a church building, and finally it is ok. It took a long time to say that because I miss the brothers and sisters I grew up with in my first 5 or 6 years of being in the faith. I will admit there is still a tiny sting to be gathered together with them at times, however, as I look back on how my life has been, it has been a series of people coming and going, leaving memories here and there to smile about. Funny how my Jesus is able to turn around what some would see as a bummer, and pull good out of it. He does things like that if we are looking.

So already as I was pulling up my plants this morning from the fall planting, I had a funny revelation about other peoples walk with the Lord. See my onions were in the ground for way longer than they should have been, and the carrots looked pretty pathetic on the surface! To my amazement, as I pulled the onions, for one thing there was about 60 of them lol, and starting trimming them, I noticed that even though they had been in the ground for too long, they smelled and looked healthy as could be, and I marveled at how Poppa sustained them even without regular water and food. They had thick roots that held tightly onto the dirt as I pulled, and were perfectly content in the ground they were living in. The carrots were a surprise with every pull! There were about 70 of those too, not counting the ones I didn’t get out due to the stalk breaking. I figured they were content staying in the ground and will become fertilizer for the next things I plant there.

So what did I take away from all that? God is the grower of things, not me! If things were left up to me to grow, everything would die because I am so inconsistent with the watering and the feeding and such. Especially add some health issues and bad choices during those times, and it is a recipe for neglect and just plain desertion. That is why I am so glad that Jesus has taken away my responsibility for the salvation of the whole world. Understanding that He is responsible for reaching His kids through His spirit, and relaxing into whatever tidbit of involvement I get to participate in through Him is a huge weight off of my shoulders. He will grow things whether I water and feed or not, and that my friends is something we can count on, so rest won’t ya!

Just pondering!….Lisa


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I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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