Is He really like that? One saints journey through the book of Genesis

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I recently posted a question on facebook asking people if they have ever read the bible without help from anyone but the spirit of God? Not too many takers, but I decided I wanted to. Seeking help from man has only served to confuse and bewilder me, not to mention getting a distorted view of who my Father actually is and how He feels about humanity. I will attempt in this blog to give you my summation of Genesis, and what you do with it is up to you. I have had enough of traditional teaching, and I am weary of my Father getting a bad rap due to folks not even trying to understand His position as Father of what is now going on 8 billion people. I am NOT saying all recognize Him as such, but it surely is His desire, and He is well qualified for the job should one CHOOSE to see Him as such.

I dove into Genesis with a different heart this time; one that was desiring to see His side of the story. He has been given many names from the book of Genesis; from genocidal ego maniac, to a heartless evil dictator who is so bloodthirsty no one is safe and you better be afraid, be very afraid! Sorry, I just did not see that this time.

Then you have all the saints that people long to emulate because of their faith or their bravery; in hope that God will see you as He saw them and your relationship with Him will be as amazing. Whereas their lives are good examples of many things, I am still not them, and my desire is to have my own personal walk with Him in this century. Besides, you have to admit, things have changed since the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord has taken place; something they only got a hint of.

I urge you with all the love in my heart to take another look at the book of Genesis through the eyes of love and the Holy Spirit. He showed me that when Adam and Eve ate that fruit, He wasn’t angry or disgusted and all of a sudden needed to kill something. Things changed because now they were afraid of Him and ashamed because of their nakedness. Not only literal nakedness, but nakedness of their spirit in not having the true capacity to distinguish right from wrong, but having the overwhelming desire to. It is a trick bag the enemy is still using if it is not understood what that might look like on a personal level. The original fall definitely needs re-examination; sadly enough though, many are just too lazy or whatever not to take a look at it from His perspective.

I am not writing to complain, so I digress. The story of Noah is another example of seeing something confusing about Him; whereas His label of genocidal maniac is derived. A closer examination of the story, and there are key elements that can turn that view around. One only needs to see all the horrific atrocities that have taken place on this planet at the hands of man, i.e. Hitler, Mua, etc., and the story of the whole world being violent can be easily understood. Realistically, as far as I am concerned, this story is a huge reason to be grateful that He did step in, as man would not have made it. I mean look around now people, and see what man is doing to each other! Anyone with any kind of thinking mind can see that without a new heart given to them by God, it is continually evil. I bet many are thinking ‘why isn’t God stepping in now?’, a question I cannot answer. Either way He gets the bad rap; and it breaks my heart and His I am sure! Anyway, He had to save Noah so our Jesus could come; and praise the Lord for that.

Abraham has always been a legend to many saints that have put Him on a pedestal of pert near deity; but I think Abraham would have rejected that position. What I got to see about his relationship with our Father was one of relaxation. He never discussed what a filthy rotten sinner he was, (I am not saying he didn’t think he was sinless, so relax), but I saw a relationship my Father wants me to have with Him. A life lived walking with Him devoid of a sin conscience; free to make any request with only expectations of mercy to come from a loving and merciful God that is quite comfortable talking and hanging out with us. To be called a friend of God is an amazing concept when you see how afraid most of humanity was in the Old Testament; and just as they probably did then, many folks just cannot see such a holy God being a friend to a bunch of dirty old sinners. If one wants to look at Abraham, if I may suggest trying to look at his friendship with the God of the universe, and see why God deemed Him the father of faith and His friend.

Jacob’s story is a very interesting one because He didn’t really even believe in the beginning, yet God continued with Him until ultimately He was won over by the threats and terror of the Lord, NO? But by the love and faithfulness of His God. Although Jacob eventually stated that he was not worthy to have help from God, our Father was always there with him in open dialogue. (Kinda blows the theory about God not being able to look upon sin ya think?) It is amazing to imagine that even in my darkest moments in life, full of error and bad decisions, God was still with me, knocking on the door of my heart, wanting to help me get out of the messes I got myself in just like He did for Jacob. Like I said in the beginning, it is not the people I went looking for, but my Father; and Oh did He show Himself.

Joseph’s story probably gave me the most troubling yet the most hopeful view of God in the book of Genesis. Sometimes I long to live back in the Old Testament times because there were no TV’s or internet and such, and if you ask my opinion, things were much more natural and full of discovery back then. Especially when it came to discovering God. The story of Joseph showed me the side of God that busted through all; well let me be honest and say most of my unreal expectations of Him. With all the TV evangelists and their name it and claim it garbage, this story will help any spirit-filled saint find a path to real freedom by releasing those unreal expectations, living in reality and finding help in a time of need rather than an out; which at times ultimately results in bitterness and discouragement or complete rejection of our loving Father. Our circumstances do not change His care and and concern for us, but instead offer opportunities for learning how to trust Him in a deep and meaningful way. You can’t say He is the same yesterday, today and forever, then tell people they don’t have enough faith because they aren’t healed or rich or whatever! If you would have told that to Joseph, what do you think he would have said? Our Father is not a genie in a bottle as some would paint Him, but He really does work all things together for good, and what that may look like in the 21st century I cannot say; however, it is something I desire to trust and participate in.

My conclusion to this amazing first book is much different from times past as I can see my Father in a whole new light. It is important for me to put blame where it belongs and to remove it as well. Our Father is not what many people see Him as, and unless the spirit of God in Christ comes to live in you and lead you and guide you into all truth; it is very likely one will continue eating from that tree He said not to eat of. Instead, partake of the tree of life which is now here in Christ, receive a new heart and new life, and be amazed by what He does in that new life! Jesus said, “Behold, I make all things new!” And He did! There is no fear in love, and if God is love then how can people know that if all they see and hear from the believer is fear rather than love. It is so important for the saints to be reconciled through the New Covenant which is that Jesus Christ died, was buried, and rose again to bring in a new will; and with it, new life! One that has the spirit of the living God on the inside! No temples made with hands, for you are His temple and He is happy to be living there! Stop settling for less than His best precious ones!

As for this saint, it is my spirit led desire and ministry to preach nothing but reconciliation and the New Covenant because HE has made me sufficient in these things, and that is the gospel! The cloud of witnesses did this with what they had then, and all it consisted of was living by faith. They did not carry around a burden of saving the whole planet but lived a life of love and hope; unafraid of a Father who loved them first.

“We love Him because He FIRST loved us!” ~ 1 John 4:19

“And we have know and believed the love God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” ~ 1 John 4:16

Peace, grace, and love saints…..Lisa


About OneSpiritOneLordOneGod

I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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