I like being controversial! Let my people think will ya!

The following is a note my husband wrote, and it is as controversial as it is true! It is way past time to stop burying our head in the sand and pretending like everything is ok. We can still have positive thoughts in the midst of reality, and we should. Although one may not agree with this writing, it would be ok if you want to discuss it as my Father has brought me to a place to be able to listen and give other room to process things that may be foreign or new to them. A little debating usually leads to more discovery and depth; which in turn provides wisdom, knowledge and learning. My amazing husband has been a wonderful instrument of learning for me both physically and spiritually. It is my honor to share his writings and hope anyone who wishes to engage in reading this will see the love for humanity written between the lines. Peace and grace….Lisa

Rabid dogs, America’s elite and economic terrorism!

As long as America’s leadership fails to police itself by allowing its political and corporate elite to both physically and financially terrorize the world, America will also fail to win over the hearts and minds of its youth. So that no matter how much lead it slings at any one situation, it will only succeed in opening the very gates of hell. If you teach your children to be rapacious and dishonest, you most certainly will achieve your goal! For they will grow up just like you! And when you grow old, or get weary or tired, they will then turn and devour even you.

According to Core Logic, (see footnote), since the financial crisis in 2008, approximately 4.9 million foreclosures have been completed against the American people trying to live the American dream. Families with young boys and girls that watched their parents go off to work every day just to come home beat at night; only to find to their horror that everything they worked for would soon and abruptly be jerked from under their feet. These kids watch the news with disgust as the bankers not only failed to be prosecuted, but walked away with tons of cash! Wake up and smell the stench my friends! These are tomorrows ISIS recruits! I know, I know; now we are going to get sophisticatedly moral and say that certainly even these parents could teach their kids not to go off the deep end because of another’s offenses! And I will say quite simply that there is nothing sophisticated about injustice or wrath! They just breed one another like a rabid dog bite produces rabies. Shall we consult a disease now with kind and moral words; or do we eradicate it through punitive action and put the dog down before it bites another?

Authors note:

The plutocratic fox is in the hen house my friends, and if we continue to accept these regimes as they are, we will continue to suffer the consequences; which by nature will represent the death of a democratic republic and our nation as we know it! And if we continue not to prosecute our political and corporate elite for crimes against humanity, the hatred we are currently experiencing from other nations will only increase with the ferocity of a raging lion. This is not the time to be politically correct! We the people need to incite our high courts and prosecutors to step up to the plate! God speed my friends.

Commentary by:

George Lucian Miller

P.S.  I do not support terrorism of any nature!

Footnote: http://www.corelogic.com/research/foreclosure-report/national-foreclosure-report-january-2014.pdf


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I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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