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Oh boy I haven’t blogged in quite some time; but I feel it would be a good idea to do it and get some more exposure for our charity page. See, on July 5th I came home from work to find my husband calling out to me from the bathroom. What I found was probably every spouse’s worst nightmare; that being my husband laying on the floor unable to get up on his own. The poor baby was soaking wet, and I have no idea how long he had been there, all I knew is that it was a situation in which I needed to call an ambulance immediately. Especially after trying to help him up and he just rolled on his left arm like it was not even there. It was a terrifying experience I pray not to deal with again anytime soon; as I am sure it was for him as well. I can only thank God that I got off of work early that particular day; because it could have been much worse.

It turns out that my very healthy athletic husband had a heart problem that landed him a stroke on the right side of his brain which affected the left side of his body. In hindsight, he was having some symptoms of it already, ie. numbness in the left jaw and a bit of uncontrolled drooling, to which we just kind of shrugged it off to being apart of some neck issues he was having. If I cannot say it loud enough and long enough, here it is:


There is a period of time that an ischemic stroke can be prevented, (an ischemic stroke is permanent and life altering), however, it is only like an hour window, so pleeeease if you have any of those symptoms, get to the hospital! You can either a little now for a false alarm, or pay a lot more later for not checking. Unfortunately, my husband and I did not pay attention to his body signals. I mean he is only 55 years old for crying out loud! who would’ve thunk he would have a major stroke at that age!

So, it is very difficult for both of us to be in a spot that we need to ask for some help, but unfortunately here we are. He does have his own business of which I am going to try and do as often as I can, but I also have a full-time job which is where our health insurance comes from. Thank God for that! I am taking off two months right now to take him to follow up appointments and things like that, as he only has the full use of his right arm. Another thank God is in order for that because he is right handed; however, go try and live using only one hand for a bit; then you will understand the difficulty and frustration such an able bodied man can experience.

So I have said all that to say this: We could really use some financial assistance right now in whatever amount you can spare! Sharing our page is also very helpful to bring it more exposure, and possibly some funds. It seems like a trivial matter in comparison to the flooding in LA right now and fires in CA; however just as an incredible need is to them in their lives, we have a serious one as well. I know somehow we will make it through; and as I said, even just a few bucks for toilet paper, or gas will be a huge blessing. I also have a paypal account if anyone does not want to go through GoFundme. So let me thank you in advance, and of course all prayers are welcomed and encouraged as well. Please, if you cannot contribute, then sharing our page and story will be awesome!

Many blessings of love and peace! George and Lisa Miller


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I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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