The captain!


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Hello all. Long time no blog! I have been incredibly busy with taking care of my husband post stroke; doing a career change into medical billing and coding; working a full time job; and made yet another attempt to go back into a building to try and hang out with brothers and sisters, only to find that nothing has changed. The sit down, shut up and listen aura is still alive and well much to my consternation. I must say what did happen through it all is that I have been reading my bible once again, and oh what a joy it is to be comforted not only by the saints of old, but by the Lord Himself in His amazing dialogue with the saints as babes.

So where does my title come from you may be asking? It comes from the book of Hebrews, ( an amazing summation of what God did for all of humanity in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ by the way; yet the least studied book I’ve noticed so far), and tucked in there are the words, “The captain of there salvation”! There is a lot of amazing context surrounding it, but those words sent me on a journey of what is it that a captain does exactly. I went to a picture of a sea captain, and what his duties entail on a ship. The captain is totally responsible for everything that happens on the vessel he is on; things like delegating the tasks to be done; who is to man what station; and should any emergencies arise, it is ultimately his responsibility to take charge of the situation and ensure a safe and effective outcome to whatever that situation might be. Can you see it? How beautiful the statement becomes when we think of our Jesus; and what an amazing Captain He is. What do the crew members do and the guests on the ship? The crew members have already been assigned their duties and once the ship is out to sea, they get to rest and take care of the guests and their needs. The guests just rest the entire time; enjoying all the benefits of what the captain has orchestrated for them during their trip on that ship. It is important to the captain of the ship to walk among the guests to check on them, and to interact with them to see for himself that they are well taken care of and enjoying their voyage; then it is back to his station of being a captain.

A good captain always knows exactly what is going on and has a clear and precise plan for how the ship is going to get where it is going and then return to it’s original port. He is not easily distracted from that plan by bad weather or problems that come up; and part of being a great captain is already having a plan for any issues that may come up.

This is the captain of my salvation that I have come to know. I will admit, I have not always agreed with or liked His plan of action for a few situations; but ultimately I have come to discover that how I would have handled it would have been far worse that His way. I have come to trust my Captain; and in that trust I find love and grace in any of my times of need. He is a good Captain; one of whom I am grateful to be part of His crew. Do you know this captain? If not then let’s talk!

Peace be with you and grace upon grace. You are loved!



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I am a new creation with a new heart given to me by my Father in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ!
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