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You’ve got an ‘A’!

What is life as a New Covenant believer like? A simple analogy to describe it would be proclaiming that you have an ‘A’. What do I mean? I can best explain it using my business class I took in college. … Continue reading

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Did He really mean that?

I am writing about a subject that is near and dear to my aching heart. It is the subject of loved ones, friends and family being alienated over Jesus; and I am discovering that it has happened to countless brothers … Continue reading

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Romans 9- Accursed? Really Paul?

The way chapter 9 of Romans just breaks my heart! It is brother Paul stating that he wished he was accursed from Christ for the sake of His brethren. His flesh and blood brethren, (sisters included), just did not get … Continue reading

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Romans 7 – Would you die already!

I love Romans 7 and that is why I want to keep it by itself. It brings to a culmination all the preceding chapters, regardless of your culture, background, belief systems, or personal view or opinion of how good or … Continue reading

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