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Can you see me?

I have always tried to be one who does not complain much; and that is not what I am doing although it may seem so. I have spent a lot of time being angry over all that religion distracted me … Continue reading

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You can learn a lot from a garden!

Oh man it feels so strange to have de-activated my facebook account in order to spend time with Poppa and my hubby. My hubby is still a bit under the weather so it’s mostly me and Poppa, and I cannot … Continue reading

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Practical Atheists!

I’ll never forget when I heard Bob George say this on one of his lessons. I was like, ‘No you didn’t say that Bob!’ But yes he did! Upon meditating on it, I realized for myself this was true. What … Continue reading

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It takes what it takes!

Today is a very windy day where I live. The wind is so strong that is seems to confuse and scare me. I’m very grateful that it does not always blow this hard, but I know it has a very … Continue reading

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